Medical Sterilisers

CSX is the authorized distributor of 3M models GS and GSX ethylene oxide medical sterilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa region. The CSX technical team is 3M trained and certified to carry out installation, maintenance and service of the equipment.

3M™ Steri-Vac™ Sterilizer/Aerator GS Series

3M™ Steri-Vac™ Sterilizer/Aerator GS Series ethylene oxide (EO) sterilizer/aerators are designed to be used with 3M™ Steri-Gas™ EO Gas Cartridges to provide a safe and effective low temperature sterilization process for healthcare applications.The Steri-Vac GS Series sterilizer, Models GS5 and GS8 can automatically aerate the processed load in the sterilization chamber after EO gas sterilization.

3M™ EO Abator

The 3M™ EO Abator is a highly effective device used to catalytically convert 100% ethylene oxide gas exhausted from the 3M™ Steri-Vac” Sterilizer/Aerators GS and GSX Series to CO, and water vapor. At normal operating conditions, removal efficiency is 99.9+% (when EO is >100 ppm), virtually eliminating emissions to meet environmental requirements. The 3M™ EO Abator is designed exclusively for use with 3M™ Steri-Vac Sterilizer/Aerators GS and GSX Series.

3M™ Steri-Vac™ Sterilizer Aerator GS8 / GSX8

3M™ Steri-Vac™ Sterilizer Aerator GS5 / GSX5

Product Details

  • Cleared for use with single- or dual-channel rigid and flexible scopes, with no restrictions on the length or inner diameter of endoscope channels
  • The single-use, 3M™ Steri-Gas™ Cartridge (100% EO) is punctured only when the chamber door is sealed and the proper vacuum has been drawn, ensuring that gas remains safely inside the chamber.
  • Ethylene oxide is a proven, efficacious sterilant offering maximum assurance that instruments are sterilised
  • Three-zone temperature control and a state-of-the-art, proprietary, dynamic humidification process that adapts and controls chamber relative humidity (RH)
  • Ethylene oxide is gentle on device materials, helping to extend device life and reduce the need for costly repairs or replacement.

CSX is an authorized dealer for the 3M model 390G Auto-reader and biological indicators for ethylene oxide sterilization and is also 3M certified for the repair and service of the units.

3M™ Steri-Gas™ EO Gas Cartridges

3M™ Steri-Gas™ EO Gas Cartridges are single-use cartridges containing 100% ethylene oxide intended for use in 3M™ Steri-Vac™ Steriliser/Aerators (ethylene oxide sterilisers). When used in the appropriate 3M™ Steri-Vac™ Steriliser/Aerator, the cartridges deliver the predetermined amount of ethylene oxide for each sterilisation cycle.

CSX is an authorised dealer for service and support of 3M Littmann Stethoscopes and Luminometers.

The Tecno-Gaz Steam Autoclaves are cutting-edge technology equipment designed to provide efficient and effective sterilisation using steam technology. It is widely used in medical, laboratory, and beauty industry settings to ensure the cleanliness and safety of instruments, equipment, and materials. Tecno-Gaz offer effective solutions that protect operators and patients against the risks associated within healthcare.

CSX is an authorized dealer of Tecno-Gaz dental products,accessories and consumables in Africa, with a certified technical team to install, service and maintain the equipment.

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