50 Years of Service Excellence


CSX Customer Services (Pty) Ltd is a specialist third party service company that has been in existence since 1969. CSX specialises in the installation and support of business solutions in various niche markets.

The primary goal of CSX is to provide the best solution available to our customers.

In essence we ensure that we employ people with the right skill set and hold spares to enable us to attend to any technical requirements at a customer.

The products/solutions offered and maintained, cover a broad spectrum of business equipment from microfilm equipment, document scanners, time & attendance/access control systems, library security and RFID solutions, sterilisers, electronic marking and assessment solutions for the education sector and packaging equipment,.

Our efficient and well-trained staff, provide service of the highest quality, country wide, assuring a combination of thorough preventative maintenance, plus timely and efficient remedial maintenance when necessary. We will travel to any country in Africa in order to provide a service. Emphasis is placed on sound training and good communications skills.

CSX Help Desk / Technical Team

We pride ourselves on our service excellence, and as such we have an entire operation dedicated to focus on just this.

It consists of a dedicated team of people responsible for receiving calls from customers and directing the requirement to the applicable resource. The call details are logged on a state of the art Call Logging system where the progress of the call is monitored and is followed up and escalated as required. All calls logged are automatically and immediately sent to the responsible person.

Simultaneously the call detail is also sent to the responsible persons’ manager as well as any other person/s as required.

This is a totally automated process and is done immediately when the call is logged. Allocation and shut down of the call is also recorded resulting in a full history of calls being held. Reports can be generated to customer requirements and can be sent as required. This call centre operates from 08:00 to 16:30 on weekdays excluding public holidays.

CSX technicians will respond within 4 hours of the call being made and CSX provides an extensive after hour support operation to registered customers. Towards that end an after hour call logging process is available to registered users. Support is available 24 hours a day – 365 days a year with a normal response time of 4 – 8 hours.

The call logging system is tightly integrated into a financial system that automatically caters for contract versus non contract customers together with any special conditions that may apply.


Some of our valued clients include: