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CSX are the Sole Authorised Distributor for Scantron products and maintain a large client base throughout Africa. CSX provides education, commercial and government organisations the ability to measure and improve effectiveness with data collection, assessment and survey solutions. CSX supply and maintain scanners and related software, for major mission-critical data collection projects. Applications include:

Testing and Training

  • Tests and learning assessment
  • Instructor, performance, and course evaluations
  • enrolment and tracking
  • Student profiles, documentation, and forms

Research and Evaluation

  • Survey and questionnaire data collection
  • Product research
  • Program evaluations
  • Competitive data collection
  • enrolment and applications

Human Resources

  • Payroll/time sheets
  • Benefit enrolments
  • Applicant tracking
  • Employee change of status
  • Employee surveys
  • 360-Degree surveys


  • Patient encounter forms
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Medical histories and patient forms
  • Patient, needs and risk assessments
  • Nurse staffing reports
  • Continuing education evaluations

OMR & Image Scanners

Offering best-in-class scanning and data recognition, Optical Mark Recognition and Imaging scanners transform paper forms into usable data, quickly and easily.


The iNSIGHT 4ES scans OMR forms and images and also delivers 2800 sheets per hour…

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iNSIGHT™ 700c

The i NSIGHT™ 700c scans colour OMR forms and images at 6,600 sheets per hour…

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The i NSIGHT 70 offers OMR form and image processing at up to 7,000 sheets per hour…

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iNSIGHT™ 150

The iNSIGHT™ 150 provides OMR form and black-and-white image scanning at up to 15,000 sheets per hour…

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iNSIGHT™ 1500c

The iNSIGHT 1500c provides OMR form and colour image processing at 15,000 sheets per hour for high-throughput, high-speed production operation.

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Scantron Software

ScanTools® Plus

Easily create custom applications to capture mission-critical data for single- or multiple-page forms with little to no programming expertise required.

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ScanTools® Prisma

Easily create custom applications to capture colour image or OMR data for single- or multiple-page forms with little to no programming expertise required.

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Remark Classic OMR®

Convert paper tests and surveys into useable data. Remark’s robust recognition engine reads most common Scantron transforms into usable data.

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Assessments and Marking

CSX in conjunction with our partner Ed-Software by Hale Co, an Argentinian based organisation, offer a range of solutions focussed in Education and Assessments. Our team of experts apply the latest technologies and their vast knowledge, to create solutions that will improve an institutions processes.

Manage your Item Bank and Examinations with a simple, secure and integrated solution

The system allows Authors, Reviewers, Directors and Administrators to develop and manage all activities associated with item composition and revision, thus creating an item bank. The creation of examinations then become possible with many variables available.
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Efficient classroom management

TeachOn is a product specifically designed for instructors, teachers and professors to allow them to manage their individual classrooms. TeachOn is a tool that makes use of the best practices, ensuring that the users follow a methodology that will help them organise their work, get calculated information, track and compare results; to identify particular questions or students needing reinforcement, increasing the quality of the teaching process and learner’s results.
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Simple, reliable and convenient enrolment solution

EnrollOnWeb is a web-based solution that helps institution to simplify and optimise their candidates’ enrolment process, either for attending a school or for a scholarship request. The system automatically analyses the students’ information based on the eligibility requirements on the fly and provides this information to the relevant departments.
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Don’t change your process, empower it

ScoreOnWeb is an innovative distributed electronic marketing solution that offers Ministries of Education and other Education institutions the ability to mark a high volume of examinations in a precise, consistent, cost-effective and secure manner, The system allows for more than one moderator to mark the same paper, at the same time, for quality and accuracy purposes. A combination of multiple choice responses as well as open ended questions can be subjectively and non-subjectively assessed to obtain a balanced mark.
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CSX Services

CSX design, setup and print the multiple choice scannable forms, these forms are specifically designed to incorporate the clients requirements. The forms are printed through CSX Security Printing Services.

CSX guarantees the scannability of forms that are designed, setup and printed by CSX. CSX has an in-house scanning bureau so if a client does not have the manpower or scanners to scan and capture their data, CSX can offer them this services.

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