Library Security & RFID Products

CSX, a trusted library security and maintenance partner for over 20 years, providing the industry with premium library security and automation solutions. CSX offers advice and support to hundreds of libraries ensuring that valuable book collections are available for safe circulation. CSX operates across South Africa and Southern Africa, representing only Global leading brands.


“Libraries are the unsung heroes in bringing access to information and culture to millions of people. Our dedicated and talented team are driven by customer partnerships, creative solutions, and building technology for the future of library service.” – RAY HOOD, CEO AT BIBLIOTHECA

Bibliotheca is creating the library of tomorrow, while engineering the solutions that help engage people, connect communities, and evolve service today.

CSX – the leading Library Security Service provider in Sub-Saharan Africa with over 2000 installations. CSX offers expert advice on:

  • Library security needs
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Equipment sales, installation, and maintenance

CSX represents the Best Global Brands and supplies the entire solution for Libraries, from electromagnetic to RFID to Hybrid detection systems, stock taking solutions, automatic mail handling systems, self-issue kiosks, labour to insert RFID tags and EM security strips.

Hublet is a complete and ready-to-use self-service solution to offer loanable Hublet Tablets in libraries.

Hublet makes it simple for you to offer digital content to every single user of your library. No longer are your eBooks, magazines, movies, games and activities restricted to those that have their own devices, or users sat tethered to a computer. With Hublet you can accelerate your electronic content rollout and provide digital inclusion for everyone.

CSX Modular Libraries

CSX introduced a modular library concept which has allowed Government Departments to provide libraries to rural areas in 6-8 weeks at significantly reduced costs.

The Modular structure is made from cromadex and is available in various sizes (square meters). Fixtures can be tailor-made to the clients requirements and availability of sanitation, electricity etc.

CSX supplies the furniture for the unit, which includes shelving, desks, chairs and reading stations. The only items we exclude are the books.

Library Security systems are provided as part of the solution to protect the books.

CSX have donated several Modular Libraries to impoverished communities as part of our CSI initiative. Most recently we collabourated with SHOUT to donate a library to the Carter School in Alexandra.

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