Library Security & RFID Products

CSX is an official Bibliotheca Partner and sole service provider for all 3M Library system products in South Africa. As an exclusive distribution partner, our technicians are trained and certified to provide technical service on the entire range of Biblioteca Products.

Self- Service


The bibliotheca selfCheck systems offer the essential self-service experience to libraries. Powered by the intuitive quickConnect™ self-service software, the selfCheck systems were designed to deliver an engaging user experience that also promote the library collection, services and events. It conveniently allows users to check-out, check-in and renewal of library items.

SelfCheck systems are available in a variety of configurations:

  • RFID
  • Hybrid (EM & RFID)
  • Pedestal mounted or desktop
SelfCheck 500
SelfCheck 1000
Hybrid SelfCheck
SelfCheck Components


Bibliotheca’s intuitive self-service software has been designed from the ground up, specifically for library users. quickConnect delivers an engaging experience for users of all ages and abilities – making borrowing and returning library items a breeze.

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Returning + Sorting

Flex AMH

Flex AMH transportationSystems™ provide a new complex solution for return, transportation & sorting of library materials. These systems are able to connect sorting locations with the final destination for staff access. The flex AMH solution can be used in libraries that use RFID, EM or barcode technologies. There is no need to convert a collection to a specific format in order to start taking advantages of efficient return + sorting processes at a library.

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Flex Bin

All of the flex AMH bin options integrate seamlessly with the flex AMH return and sorting system. Each bin can easily pull away from the docking station, allowing staff to smoothly glide them around the workroom. The spring-loaded base also provides a sponge-like reflex, gently protecting items from being damaged as they are sorted into the proper location.

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Security + Detection

Bibliotheca security systems come with a modern and stylish panel design and effectively deter theft of valuable library materials. Bibliotheca systems are available in RFID, EM (electromagnetic) and Hybrid (EM & RFID).

RFID gate

With a modern and attractive clear panel design, the bibliotheca RFID gate™ not only offers superior detection but perfectly integrates with any library environment. The RFID gate reduces accidental or deliberate removal of library items by detecting RFID tags in any orientation. Upon detection, a configurable alert provides an immediate audible and/or visual warning.


RFID gate premium

Offering the most accommodating aisle entrance for libraries, the RFID gate premium is perfect for wheelchairs, wide strollers, and large groups of students. With a modern and stylish clear panel design, the bibliotheca RFID gate™ premium effectively deters theft of valuable library materials while elegantly enhancing the library aesthetic.

RFID Gate premium

Tattle Tape gate

Designed for use with Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips, this system detects all EM strips in any orientation. Along with a selection of built-in LED alarm light colours to choose from, it also features interchangeable graphic panels and is completely safe for all magnetic media.

Tattle Tape gate
Tattle Tape gate Clear

Hybrid gate

Bibliotheca’s Hybrid gate was designed for use with RFID tags as well as Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips. Along with a selection of built-in LED alarm light colours to choose from, it also features interchangeable graphic panels and is completely safe for all magnetic media.

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Digital Collections

Bibiotheca created their cloudLibrary platform in order to expand Library services by offering digital content – the purchasing and distribution of new content as well as the distribution of existing content.

cloud Library

IOS kiosk licence

The cloudLibrary™ iOS kiosk license encourages libraries to connect to the community beyond their physical library branches. Paired with digital patron registration, this unique cloudLibrary™ feature allows libraries to attract new users and keep current library users engaged. You choose your own iPad kiosk provider.

IOS kiosk licence

Discovery Terminal

The cloudLibrary™ discoveryTerminal delivers your digital collection to users through accessible and inviting in-library kiosks. Recommended reads and similar titles are presented in a clear and unobtrusive way, allowing eBooks and eAudiobooks to be immediately added to the user’s digital shelf.

cloud Library Discovery terminal
cloud Library modules



open+ is a complete solution that works with your existing library infrastructure, providing the ability to automatically maintain and control access to valid users, self-service kiosks, public computers, lighting, security, in fact most library equipment. Providing the flexibility to open and close the library, without the need for any staff to be on site.

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Staff Tools

Central admin

With quickConnect software, detailed patron, item, and device reports can be viewed by the entire system or broken down into branch-level, equipment based, or time interval statistics.



Bibliotheca workstations have been designed to save time and space while helping to ensure reliable processing of print materials, CDs and DVDs, It also features an intuitive interface and ergonomic design.

Tattle Tape Book Check
Tattle Tape Workstation
RFID Workstation
Hybrid Workstation


Cordless, handheld devices which are components of the RFID System, which instantly read RFID tags on library materials for inventory purposes can also turn shelf-reading, shelving, sorting, searching, weeding and exception-finding into routine tasks.

RFID Mobile Inventory

Order Supplies


bibliotheca RFID tags are compliant with ISO 18000-3 mode 1 and ISO15693 air interface protocols. The SLi-1 and SLi-2 chips are capable of storing data in the industry standard ISO 28560 format. In addition all tags in the range come complete with a 50 year or 100,000 read-write data retention guarantee. Tags for CDs and DVDs are also available.

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Tattle-Tape™ Strips

bibliotheca Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips with their neutral pH acrylic adhesive are known for their quality and consistency.

B2 Ultra-thin, double-sided strips are designed to be applied between the pages of books and periodicals.

DCD-2 strips are precision balanced strips are designed for CDs and DVDs. The easy, one-step application process integrates two strips into a clear film overlay that prevents removal and protects the surface of the disc. Strips will not affect the performance of CDs and DVDs.

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Receipt Rolls

Receipt rolls for SelfCheck systems are available from the CSX stores.

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CSX Modular Libraries

CSX introduced a modular library concept which has allowed Government Departments to provide libraries to rural areas in 6-8 weeks at significantly reduced costs.

The Modular structure is made from cromadex and is available in various sizes (square meters). Fixtures can be tailor-made to the clients requirements and availability of sanitation, electricity etc.

CSX supplies the furniture for the unit, which includes shelving, desks, chairs and reading stations. The only items we exclude are the books.

Library Security systems are provided as part of the solution to protect the books.

CSX have donated several Modular Libraries to impoverished communities as part of our CSI initiative. Most recently we collabourated with SHOUT to donate a library to the Carter School in Alexandra.

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