CSX is an authorised 3M-Matic™ and SIAT Case Sealer distributor for both South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our experienced team of accredited technical experts maintain and provide tailored solutions in accordance to your environment. See below some of the current products available, contact us with your requirements.

Automated Carton Sealing for Packaging, Shipping and Fulfilment

Reduce total cost to seal and improve throughput with 3M’s full line of automated case sealers. Whatever the size of your packaging requirements and operation, we can help you customise a packing and case sealing system that works for you.

3M-Matic™ Case Sealers

Consistent. Reliable. Tough.

For 45 years, 3M has been the leader in case sealing equipment. 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers provide economic automation for carton sealing. A range of solutions can increase throughput while decreasing packaging costs.

The end of your production line is no place for bottlenecks. You need a case sealer you can count on. 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers deliver consistent, accurate sealing and advanced throughput. And there’s one for virtually any packaging requirement for any size operation.

3M-Matic™ Case Sealers can also help increase plant safety, reduce labour costs and decrease downtime thanks to the equipment’s extensive safety features and improved processes compared to hand taping or stapling, or using older equipment. In short, you can expect a safer, more efficient, more productive operation. Read More.

3M-Matic™ Random Case Sealer 7000r High Speed Pro with 3M™ AccuGlide™ 4 Taping Head

Dependably seal up to 28 different case sizes per minute at belt speeds up to 150 fpm. Ideal for e-commerce.

3M-Matic™ Case Sealer 8000af/8000af3

Designed to seal up to 40 uniform cases per minute. The machine automatically folds flaps for precise sealing, eliminating the need for an operator to be constantly present.

3M-Matic™ Adjustable Case Sealer 7000a Pro

Dependably seal up to 40 uniform cases per minute. Ideal for food and beverage, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and more.

3M-Matic™ Random Case Sealer 7000r Pro

Known for its exceptional speed, this case sealer automatically adjust width and height for different sizes.

3M-Matic™ Side Belt Adjustable Case Sealer 8000a

Designed for high volume and efficiently tapes narrow cases without damage.

Get Started with Innovative Packaging Solutions

Masipack offers packaging equipment tailored to your business. Whether you are looking for a standard single machine, a complex system, or a customised turnkey solution, we have the ideal equipment to meet your needs.

For more information please visit the Masipack website and contact CSX should you require additional information.

Taping Machines


Semi-automatic stretch wrapper

OneWrap is a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper. OneWrap is the right solution for most common pallet wrapping needs. It is a semi-automatic machine for wrapping palletized loads with stretch film. It can be equipped with mechanical and electromagnetic brake (EM / M / FM) or mechanical and powered pre-stretch carriages (SM – 90% / LP – 240%).


Turntable stretch wrapping machine

The SIAT ProWrap is a versatile and scalable turntable semi-automatic machine for intensive and demanding stretch film applications, able to optimize film consumption and to guarantee full control of all wrapping parameters throughout the cycle. ProWrap ensures the customer optimization of the transit packaging solution for their specific industry. It guarantees saving of resources and time and supervision of machine productivity (up to 30 plts/hour), its working time and film consumption.


Semi-Automatic Robot Stretch-Wrapper

BeeWrap+ is a mobile wrapping machine used for palletizing goods with stretch film. It is particularly suitable for heavy weight items, unusual shapes, and loads with large dimensions, ensuring the highest pallet security. It is equipped with a digital control panel that allows the user, in an easy and functional way, to alter various parameters and set-up customized wrapping cycle programs. The Beewrap+ is also equipped with the new AGM dry battery technology, providing higher performance and is maintenance-free. This guarantees a higher working autonomy (up to 400 cycles per charge) and enhances safety within the machine! Beewrap+ is an excellent logistics solution because it is easy to move and versatile for pallets of different shapes and sizes.


Semi-automatic stretch wrapper

SIAT Onewrap Plus is the new Siat machine that will allow you to maximize the results of your wrapping activity. Thanks to the icons on the control panel it is extremely quick to set a complete wrapping program that will optimize the film applied to all the different SKU you might need to wrap. This is not the only “Plus” of the machine: it has a very robust structure and the guarantee of a 2400 kg maximum weight for the platform (excluding HSD platform). Your business would be purchasing a reliable and high quality device! Moreover, with up to 10 customizable wrapping programs that can be recorded, the operator will only have to program the OnewrapPlus once, and then simply recall the desired wrapping program from the control panel when required.


Semi-Automatic Carton Sealers

The new case sealer SK20 represents the perfect solution for your semi-automatic packaging line. The concept, with the double top and bottom drive belts, allows the control of the carton box also during the incoming process before sealing. Thanks to the robust dual masts frame and to the primary level of the machine components, the historical reliability of SIAT machines is fully guaranteed.


Semi-Automatic Carton Sealers

The semi-automatic case sealer SR20 represents the ideal solution when your packaging line processes boxes with different dimension. Thanks to the 4 belts box control, the sealing process is always guaranteed without jams, also in case of overstuffed and empty boxes. The pneumatic system allows a fast adaptation to a large range of box dimensions.

Wrapping Machines

Viking DM ™ & Viking PW ™

Film Carriages

SIAT pre-stretch systems ergonomic and smart design allows a safe reel loading as well as a fast and easy set-up, giving the possibility to reach pre-stretch values from 100 to over 400%, guaranteeing a huge film saving and optimization.

Strapping Tools

Strapping systems by SIAT cover a wide range of applications for most industries in the most efficient and cost-effective packaging solution. From plastic strap to steel strap, we can offer you the right solution!

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