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CSX are the Sole Authorised Distributor for e-ImageData products and maintain a large client base throughout Africa.

ScanPro Ease-of-Use

For many years, microfilm has been an excellent long-term storage media. It is compact (a letter sized document can be reduced to 1/100 the size of the original), low cost and has a storage life that is projected to be 500 years.

ScanPro Performance

Not only do the ScanPro® microfilm scanners have features that benefit librarians and patrons by making it easy to use many different microform types, it also has features that benefit the way the user works with those different microform types. This makes research and lookups easy and fast.

At e-ImageData we are proud to offer many exceptional features on our ScanPro scanners. These features provide the benefits of speed, convenience, and ease-of-use to researchers, genealogists and occasional users of microfilm. Following are some of the many features that make our ScanPro products perform better than anything else in the microfilm industry.

Product Design

The ScanPro microfilm scanners are ultra-compact with a desktop footprint the size of two sheets of letter paper. They utilise heavy gauge steel throughout and all moving parts use steel bearings for continually reliable, smooth operation. The ScanPro’s unique ball bearing precision-guide film rollers tightly control the microfilm’s movement ensuring the most precise image position control and accurate searching capability in the industry. The sturdy, integrated design of the ScanPro microfilm scanners are designed for the rigors of public use applications and provide many powerful, time saving features for working with your microfilm images quickly and efficiently. It is not uncommon to find a ScanPro that has made millions of scans and is still going strong. And, when space availability is important, the compact ScanPro fits into almost any workspace.

ScanPro® i9300

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ScanPro® 3000

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ScanPro® 2200

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ScanPro® All-In-One

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Eastman Park Micrographics brings you better ways to capture documents to microfilm to maximise your performance and quality while using less time and labour. Capture images with a fast, reliable scanner while digital technology processes the images in the background for outstanding image quality.

IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series

The IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series — the easy way to help protect your critical business records from tampering or loss.

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IMAGELINK Archive Processor

Protect the future of your important documents easily and without a room full of equipment using the IMAGELINK Archive Processor. All IMAGELINK silver-gelatin microfilms processed in the IMAGELINK Archive Processor meet ANSI and ISO Standards specifications for a minimum life expectancy of 500 years (LE 500).

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Imagelink 2400/3000 DV Plus Digital Scanner

This digital scanner has front panel controls within easy reach. Operators can switch from printing to scanning to PC at the touch of a button. High-resolution, anti-glare screens with adjustable brightness settings minimise eye fatigue.

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PowerFilm Application Software

This digital scanner has front panel controls within easy reach. Operators can switch from printing to scanning to PC at the touch of a button. High-resolution, anti-glare screens with adjustable brightness settings minimise eye fatigue.

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Streamline your business’ workflow with microfilm and microfiche scanners from Konica Minolta. Our array of microform scanners offer fast, high-performance viewing, printing and scanning. Konica Minolta’s line of microform scanners and readers also makes it easier to scan, digitise, print and distribute information across multiple microform formats. The microfilm and microfiche machines are built to last, and can be a valuable asset to businesses of all sizes.

MS6000 MK II

The Konica Minolta MS6000 MKII is a compact and affordable desktop microfilm scanner for fast, high-performance viewing, printing and scanning of microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards and other microform information in any environment.

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MS7000 MK II

The Konica Minolta MS7000 MKII is a powerful, high-performance desktop microform scanner that gives you a widescreen view of your information – making it easier to scan, digitise, print and distribute information for electronic distribution.

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Protecting and sharing knowledge and information

We are proud to be involved in the safeguarding and dissemination of world heritage by developing image acquisition, processing and dissemination solutions.
Our customers value our innovative solutions, which manage every stage of the digitisation process: image capture, processing, enhancement and sharing. To meet the digitisation needs of diverse and valuable collections, we offer the widest range of books and historical documents scanners on the marketplace, which can handle multiple formats from tiny postage stamps to 2xA0 format documents. We also offer a wide range of software solutions constituting LIMB Suite, meant for managing the entire digitisation process from image capture to dissemination.

Small book scanners A3-A2

Production scanners to digitise your collections

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Software Solutions LIMB

A complete software suite for your digitisation projects

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Large book scanners A1-2A0

Scanners for scanning books and documents

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V shape book scanners

Scanners for your digitisation projects on fragile collections

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Automatic scanners

Productive, automatic and manual book scanners

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Digital Camera

i2S cameras are designed to meet the requirements of heritage digitisation professionals

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