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Modular Library

The Modular Library Unit

Unlike brick-and-mortar buildings, the Modular Library Units are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment. This enables site works and inspections to be carried out concurrently with the construction of the buildings (units), creating huge time advantages.

Modular Library Units are designed to last up to fifty years and the materials used in production are carefully selected for their durability and low maintenance. All materials used as well as the completed units are tested in laboratories and adhere to strict national and international standards.

These rust and waterproofed buildings (units) boast superior anti-corrosive capabilities and can be deployed in areas that experience harsh weather conditions. Noise and air pollution are equally dealt with through insulation and noise dampening building technologies and materials. Compared to fixed traditional brick-and-mortar buildings, the price and lead-time to delivery of the Modular Library Units sets it apart. Not only does it offer opportunity for cost savings, it alos increases return on investment.

The CSX Modular Library range includes the following models:
7m x 7m Unit (holds 5 000 books)
7m x 12m Unit (holds 10 000 books)
7m x 18m Unit (holds 15 000 books)

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    Modular Library Unit

    Enjoy the benefits of a complete re-locatable modular library unit in weeks, opposed to the months it takes to build a conventional library.

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